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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Pretzel Web Design & Stuff – from the Adobe Livestream 03/28/17

I stream every Tuesday evening at 4pm Pst on the Adobe channel at

This past livestream, I worked on a homepage design for the upcoming Pretzel Music App. Give it a try!

Tweet us your work so we… Continue reading

2017 Marketing Tips Best Mobile Website Marketing Tips

Businesses to ensure that their web pages were optimized for mobile browsing 19 jan 2017 if your marketing strategy has ‘success’ on its agenda, these implement those changes so sites would be responsive top tips small business website must have… Continue reading

Web Design Speed Art Elegant Modern Website | XO PIXEL

Hey, Pixels! I’ve always wanted to create a speed art video on how I design a website in Photoshop. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you this speed art video! Most of my videos include my voice over… Continue reading

Learn Web Design in Hindi Updated 2017 – Course Overview – By: Yogendra Singh

Learn Web Design in Hindi Updated 2017 – Course Overview – By: Yogendra Singh

Hello Friends,
In this video series I will upload step by step web design tutorials to
learn web designing in hindi. This web designing course will… Continue reading

Web Design – Create a grid and build a basic web page layout

Hello! In this video I create a 12 column grid from scratch. This is a visual design video, not a CSS grids video. (Read more below)

I use Affinity Designer but you can do exactly the same as I do… Continue reading

Tutoriel créer le Web Design d’un template de site CV / Portfolio Responsive avec Photoshop

Il est de plus en plus courant de voir sur la toile des sites Web CV / Portfolio. Effectivement, ne plus se contraindre aux limites du format A4 du CV papier classique vous permettra de détailler davantage vos expériences, compétences,… Continue reading

Foundation + CSS Grid and the future of responsive web design

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There’s a revolution happening right now. The way we think about and design websites is going to change again. Old conventions and methods are being replaced by exciting new technologies that open up entirely new ways… Continue reading

Джедай вёрстки #7. Часть 3: Начинаем верстать сайт. Лого, телефон, Hamburgers

Полезно? Жми –
Дополнительные материалы урока:
Страница урока:
Привет! Это третий урок из серии по адаптивной HTML вёрстке макета на реальном примере “Джедай вёрстки #7”. В данном уроке мы приступим к вёрстке макета – установим плагины, необходимые… Continue reading

Digital Marketing Consulting | How to Sell Web Design Services

How can you continue to sell premium web design services without having to start from scratch and create every project from a customized point of view.  Full-training is here –

How can you continue to sell premium web… Continue reading

Minicurso de HTML5 e CSS3 – Web Design Responsivo [Aula 4]

Para participar da Aula 5 (bônus), sobre como escrever código CSS escalável, acesse:

Nesse vídeo (aula 4), você vai descobrir o que é Responsive Web Design e como criar páginas que se adaptam a tamanhos de telas diferentes.

Nós… Continue reading