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Did you know that YouTube gets over one billion unique visitors each month to at website? Well now you do. And did you know that over six billon hours of videos have been watched each month on youtube? I mean that’s all most that’s one hour for every person on Earth. Well now you do. Let me ask you a serious question. If you can type into this traffic and only pay ones of visitor watch of list have at your video.
Would you be interesting in knowing how? I thought so.
Hi. My name is A.M. Khan. And welcome to Video Ads.
I know the secret traffic weapons behind someone of the man online gurus like Paul Lynch, Russell Branson, Armin Moran, Shake Hussein, Andrew Fox, Such Pee, Gaud Chergerry and many more.
This new project that I’ve put together is in easy to follow step by step look over my shoulder video course there have you’ll getting tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of visitors to your videos and web sites for pennies.
Ones you know that secret to YouTube advertising as you saw from the starts earlier. YouTube will become endless traffic souse that you can on for the rest of your life.
Right now there is a massive opportunity to advertise your videos on YouTube and drive the traffic back to your web site or offers to make insane conversions.
But just don’t take my word for. Take a look as some of the a same results I am getting right now.


As you can see this can pane is getting one of the hundred views and only costing eight cents per viewer. How is than going on to watch more that have of my video.
And this one only running on three dollar per day daily budget. And still getting thousands of views and only casting seven cents per viewer.
Now lets not forget impression count is also very important as this as on accounted views.
This an account views for the first five seconds where the user can skip or little last in half of the video before they can skip the end. Again there is a first views witched on accounted. As you can see of this screen shot it has over one thousand views that would pay views.
But take a look of this. We have over of one million impressions and over one hundred thousand views, which means nine hundred thousands, plus of views of people who watched of list five seconds or little last in have of the video. Paid absolutely nothing for this nine hundred thousand views witch on accounted views. I can show you hundreds of cays stories like this but I’m sure you’re get the point.
You see online video marketing is effective when it comes to exposure. According to a co score report video ad impressions so past 20 billion in June 2013. Video ads reach nearly 54% of totally US population an over had of twenty one times doing for month. In a study from BrightRoll service 150 top advertising executives, 91% believe online video as equally or more effective than this play advertizing, 75% believe it is more effective than television, 68% believe that it is more effective than social media. Now in sure online video advertizing is going many times faster than TV search and most other digital markets.
And if don’t have this secret traffic source in your arsenal than you are simply being left behind.
It a simple 3 step process.
1: Just create an attention holding video using easy sketch pro or your favorite video software and upload to YouTube with a link in decryption and capturing back to your web site or your offer.
2 create new campaign using YouTube advertizing platform and then supper drive targeted visitors to your video on YouTube.
And three: sit back and watch of video viewer counter go true the ruff. Well converting those views into paying customers.
The question is – can you for not forget this course? Which is prized last in a family meal a MC.
If you can see an active payment bone bellow than grab this now before the price increases. I look forward to presently working with you inside the member’s area.

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