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Artist Website, Branding and Portfolio Marketing by Stefan Baumann

In this Video Stefan Baumann is talking to a group of artists at a workshop in San Jose about creating an Artist website, branding your name, and marketing your portfolio to galleries. Stefan Baumann, host of the PBS Series “The Grand View,” America’s National Parks Through the Eyes of an Artist,” travels throughout America painting plein air landscapes in oil. Art collectors who love to acquire paintings of the West, still life, wild life and flowers love his work, and his paintings have been collected by noted American families such as the Annenberg’s , Rockefeller’s, former President Reagan and by top fortune 500 corporations. His work is likened to the top artists of American History such as Moran, Bierstadt, Sargent, Payne, and Hulings. He frequently travels to paint in the National Parks, and you might see him painting at Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon, as well as on his PBS Series, “The Grand View,” and in his DVD’s that feature him painting in 20 different National Parks.

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12 Responses to Artist Website, Branding and Portfolio Marketing by Stefan Baumann

  • Max Randolph says:

    I love to listen to you your wonderful

  • Max Randolph says:

    where did you get your vest? wow that is nice

  • Terrific info. Stefan is dead on. Do not rely on someone else to post your text and images on another site. Make your own.

  • great info …thank you !

  • Lisa Martins says:

    I love listening to you teach I just eat my lunch and toon in. I love that you've covered this specific topic because I find sometimes there's a disconnect with artists and their so called 'brand' representation. Thank you Stefan!

  • I stumbled upon your videos today through wanting to learn more – this particularly for me was an important video.  I've watched at least 6 so far today – all of them gave really good advice, so thank you for that, because it will definitely help me on my own little artistic journey!

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge, insight, & expertise through these videos. I don't know how, when, or even if, to approach a gallery (very scary). Do you have any videos that could help?

  • Carl Olson says:

    Thank you for the helpful tips. I used to recommend WordPress and personally used it for my website for many years. However, despite being an experienced web developer, I moved all my websites recently to I believe this to be an ideal platform for creatives. The templates are beautiful and easy to customize. I found the fiddliness of WordPress to be time-comsuming and frustrating despite my experience as a web developer. I can only begin to imagine how intimidating WordPress is to folks who have no web design experience. Anyhow, there's nothing wrong with using WordPress, but it may be worth considering Squarespace, too.

  • I had a website but for some stupid reason I used a cutsi domain name. It had been bugging me for a while.
    So after watching this video a couple of times I finally took the plunge and got rid of it. Now, thanks to you , I have a new one with my name (.com) Lots of work but I'm much happier. Thanks for the push Stefan!

  • Pam Atkinson says:

    Hi Stefan, thanks so much for all the useful things you put up. I was wondering. Do you ever consider making posters or prints of your paintings and if so how do you safe guard getting the correct photo's to keep for the future in the correct resolution. Perhaps its not something you worry about. My thought is, how would you feel in hindsight thinking 'Oh I should have kept that one for prints' and you didn't get a good enough photo. Is it something you think about?? Thanks again.

  • Steven did you check out squarespace as suggested below and if so what did you think of it compared to word press. it is now may 2016 any new ideas on website providers? and thanks/

  • Mike Wynne says:

    Shopify is so much easier now and has many bells and whistles. You can sell your art right on Facebook with the integration.

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