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Increase Sales On Your Website With Online Marketing | Guaranteed SEO Video

Since 1996, before Google, Guaranteed SEO has being helping businesses get found online. Not only do we get people to your website, but we get people through your website! Guaranteed SEO can make your website your best, most profitable employee. Give us a a call at 1-866-588-8282



James: We started before Google in the ancient dawns of time.

Eric: We started Guaranteed SEO in 1996 and we’ve been helping small,
medium size businesses grow their business by
helping them get found in the search engines.

James: We’re really a full online digital marketing agency. So, we do
everything from strategic consulting for clients,
through designing and building websites, right up
through marketing them, email campaigns, link
building, social media blogging, content
development, et cetera.

Eric: SEO isn’t just Search Engine Optimization, sometimes it’s
optimizing a website. A it’s getting people to
your website but B, it’s getting people through
your website, so they’ll buy something. We take a
lot of pride in increasing our clients business
by not just more traffic, but by more revenue. If
you have a website and you’re not getting found
in the search engines, then you’re probably
losing out your 80% of your potential qualified
traffic. When we do market a company, we give
them a report that says how they’re doing, this
is what they’re doing well and this is where they
need some improvement and this is what you’re
doing very poorly. Then, we make recommendations
on how to improve each of those things.

James: Another aspect we like doing and we’re very good at is
analytics and reporting tips. Being responsive
to our clients about what’s being effective and what’s
not so they can work with us to really tune
their campaigns for maximum effect. Their website becomes a
machine that you can build and tune very
precisely. It’s like when you take your car into
the mechanics and they hook it up to a computer
and they tell you if the engine’s running well or
not – same thing here. We’ve got great tools for
being able to tell us if your marketing engine is
running properly.

Eric: If you think that your website is not your best employee, than
we would like to have a conversation with you
because your website should be your best

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